Japanese Skin Care | My Skincare Routine & Essential Products


Japanese Skincare by a Japanese woman! I, myself as Japanese, would like to introduce my skincare routine & favorite products for my everyday skincare.

I would like to know about Japanese skincare.

Hello, I am Janet (Japanese). I would like to share my everyday skincare routine & favorite products.


  1. Japanese Skincare
  2. My everyday skincare routine & favorite products
    1. My Morning Skincare
    2. My Nighttime Skincare
  3. My special skincare items
  4. Summary

Japanese Skincare

What is special about Japanese skincare?

Well, I think there are 3 things that is special about our skincare.

Point 1. Applying a facial toner.
Point 2. Using many kinds of skincare items.
Point 3. We love skin-brightening products.

Point 1. Applying a facial toner.

Firstly, we always apply a facial toner after washing our face. I have heard that in western countries, it is not common to use a facial toner, but people use a facial cream.

Okay, you using a facial toner.

Point 2. Using many kinds of skincare items.

Secondly, we use a variety of skincare products; a facial toner, serum, milky lotion, eye cream, facial cream, facial masks and so on.

I make my skincare very simple.

Point 3. We love skin-brightening products.

This is a  a skin brightening serum.

Lastly, we love skin-brightening products. In Japan and some other asian countries like China and Korea, we believe that the brighter our skin, the better we think about ourselves. You might be surprised by how many kinds of skin-brightening products at pharmacy, department stores there are. In Japan, you always see skin-brightening products in magazines, TV commercials and so on.

Hmmm, very interesting.

My everyday skincare routine & favorite products

I am going to share my skincare routine & essential products.

My Morning Skincare

Step 1. Wash my face with a facial cleanser

A facial cleanser from SOFINA.

I am using a facial cleanser from SOFINA. I love using their facial cleanser because it does not dry off my face even after I wash my face.

I make sure to make a creamy foam with a foaming net, and massage my face gently. Then, I rinse off the foam with lukewarm water.

A foaming net from MUJI

A foaming net from MUJI– very easy to make a creamy foam. Just put some facial cleanser on the net, add some water and rub the net.

Step 2. Dry off my face with tissue

To avoid rubbing my face with towel, I have been using tissue to dry off my face.

You not using a towel?

No…I make sure that nothing is rubbing against my skin. It is very common for Japanese women to use tissue.

I see. I will try it.

Step 3. Apply a facial toner to my skin

Here are my favorite facial toner, est, SOFINA and Melano CC.

Before my skin goes dry, I apply a facial toner to my skin as quickly as possible. I normally apply a facial toner for three to four times to moisturize my face.

Let me introduce my three favorite facial lotions, est, SOFINA and Melano CC.

est -one of the most popular skincare brand in Japan, a little bit expensive, but it is worth buying their facial lotion as it moisturizes your face. This famous facial lotion contains; fucoidan extracted from Fucus which moisturizes the skin, protects your skin from dryness and gives your skin firmness, and polianthes tuberosa polysaccharide immediately reduces the skin dryness. Every time I use this, I feel like my skin soaks up the moisture.

It is watery but not too watery.
A skin-brightening facial lotion from SOFINA beaute

SOFINA beaute -a casual brand of est, but also very popular skincare brands in Japan, affordable but yet effective. Their facial lotion contains 2-Glucoside which preventing blemishes and freckles, and also L-ascorbic acid which has  have anti-inflammatory effects.

Melano CC facial lotion

Melano CC -very affordable, and popular among Japanese pharmacy skincare brand. This famous facial lotion is produced by a Japanese pharmaceutical company. It contains 3-O-Ethyl-L-ascorbic acid which inhibits melanin production to prevent dark spots and freckles, and also contains dipotassium glycyrrhizinate which has anti-inflammatory effects.

Step 4. Apply a milky lotion to my skin

I have not found my favorite milky lotion, so I am using this from a pharmacy.

After a facial toner, I apply a milky lotion to my skin, which gives oiliness to my skin. We understand that the balance of moisture level and oiliness of our skin is essential for beautiful skin.

This milky lotion is like watery cream.

My Nighttime Skincare

Let’s move onto my nighttime skincare.

Step 1. Remove eye-makeup with eye-makeup remover

I love eye-makeup remover from SHISEIDO.

Firstly, I remove eye-makeup with cotton using eye-makeup remover from SHISEIDO. This is to avoid skin pigmentation.

SHISEIDO eye-makeup remover -easily removes your eye-makeup without any techniques.

Step 2. Remove makeup with cleansing milk

Then, I remove makeup with cleansing milk.

I have never heard of cleansing milk. What is that?

Cleansing milk is like cleansing oil but it has creamy texture.

Cleansing milk from COVERMARK -gently removes your makeup and keeps the moisture of your skin.

Step 3. Wash my face with a facial cleanser

After that, I wash my face with a facial cleanser. I massage my face with a creamy foam like I do in the morning.

Step 4. Dry off my face with tissue

I am using tissue from a pharmacy.

To avoid rubbing my face with towel, I am using tissue to dry off my face. It does not have to be special or expensive tissue, you can use normal tissue.

Step 5. Apply a facial toner to my face

I have three facial lotions and I choose a facial lotion depending on how I feel.

Step 6. Apply a milky lotion to my face

After I apply a facial lotion several times, I apply a milky lotion to prevent my skin goes dry.

Step 7. Apply eye cream around my eyes

I apply eye cream to prevent wrinkles around my eyes. I make sure to spread to my eye areas.

My special skincare items

Do you have any special skincare items?

Yes, I have some. Let me share my special skincare items!

Korean Facial Masks

I love Korean facial masks.

For my special skincare, I am using Korean facial masks from “MEDIHEAL”. They have a variety of facial masks depending on your skin problems, but what I have been using for my special skincare is their original masks called “N.M.F AQUA AMPULE MASK JEX”.

N.M.F AQUA AMPULE MASK JEX” facial mask -will help your skin moisturized, care for your pores and gives firmness to your skin.

SHISEIDO a skin brightening serum

A skin brightening serum from HAKU (SHISEIDO brand) is one of my favorite skincare items. What I like about this famous serum is that it actually works on my dark spots. I found out that it lightens my spots a little.

MUJI a facial scrub

The last item is a facial scrub from MUJI. I normally use this facial scrub once a week as a special skincare. It contains peach cores which removes clogged pores and dead cells of your skin. It is very easy to use; make a creamy foam with some water by using a MUJI foaming net, put some facial scrub on a MUJI foaming net, wash your face and rinse off with some water. This product is fragrance-free, color-free, mineral oil-free and alcohol-free.

You can see peach cores.


In this article, I wrote about “Japanese Skincare | My Skincare Routine & Essential Products”.

I hope you enjoyed my article. If you are interested in reading any of my articles in English, please feel free to contact me. Thank you~

Thank you for sharing your Japanese skincare routine!